Company Profile

Urban Vines is a wine specific route to market specialist that provides the essential link between wine producer and consumer. We offer high-level global export solutions for any size of business from boutique winery to commercial operations


We provide an extensive list of services, ranging from sourcing and portfolio management to bespoke brand creation and consultancy. Our aim is to provide a closer link to our client’s export markets, while reducing the cost of entry and trading in these markets.


Our company represents the changing face of the wine industry, where traditional values and commerciality come together.

How Our Business Works

Primarily UrbanVines is a remote ‘bolt on’ sales & marketing division, operating within our client’s business structure, where we work within an agreed export market, representing a brand portfolio.

UrbanVines experience and reach into these markets provides our client with a list of secure and credible route to market options. We would then manage every aspect of the process, from pricing and terms to market entry strategy and follow through. 



We are one of the largest suppliers of Entry level wines to European distributors and supply Still and Sparkling wines from 11 different countries.  We have both Entry level and Boutique wines at exceptional prices.  

Our Prosecco and Champagne sales are constantly growing and we have a guaranteed supply - Selling to some of the largest importers and distributors we supply some of the largest retail groups in Europe with both branded and private label still and sparkling wines.

Specialising in 187ml and 750ml allows us to create and develop private label and exclusive brands at low MOQ's.


Benefits of using Urban Vines as part of your export strategy

 - UrbanVines have over 30 years experience in the wine industry
- Sales & Marketing professionals


- Urban Vines is significantly more cost effective as an outsourced specialist service, than a permanent resource


- The services we provide remove the risk of making commercial decisions on gut feeling, as opposed to real market knowledge


We are lucky enough to work with some of the most creative and passionate people within the industry. Our aim is to have a mutually beneficial, long-term relationships while having fun!

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